Monday, February 9, 2015

The Streets of Laredo

Today (Friday) we ran the streets of Laredo for the "Bird till you drop" field trip at the Laredo Birding Festival. Our goal was how many species can we find in Webb County.

After conferring with my co-leader we decided to start a ranch he had access to outside of town on the east side. We spent out first hour there and had 23 species there, the best I think was Wilson's Snipe.

Our next stop was the Laredo Landfill. I was hoping for a pile of gulls there. We picked up the usual things, a boatload of Chihuahua Ravens, lots of Ring-billed Gulls, Greater Scaup. Yes I said Greater Scaup in a dump pond. Unfortunately we couldn't get very close to the gull flock and we left with only Ring-billed Gull.

On to Slaughter Park. One of the first birds we found there was Black-headed Grosbeak for year bird 266. Down at the river proper as we looked into Mexico a Northern Rough-winged Swallow circled us for year bird 267.

Scanning down the river I found crossing the river a Ringed Kingfisher for year bird 268. Getting into the big day mode, we called time and headed out to the next destination., Las Palmas Trail for our first try at White-collared Seedeater. Unfortunately even though we found all three Kingfishers there and more Kiskadees than I've seen in one place, we dipped on White-collared Seedeater.

Black Phoebe at North Central Park Laredo
Black Phoebe at North Central Park
Laredo, TX
While there we got word on a Tropical Parula that was just found at North Central Park. We headed over with high hopes. We soon were at the site and located a promising mixed flock. I found a Wilson's Warbler for year bird  268, but no Parula. This is another site that has had White-collared Seedeater, but not today.

We then headed to a site on the north side of town on Pico Road that has seedeaers. We got there and made some calls, but the ranch hand with the keys to the gate to the river and seedeaters was not there.

We got another note that Seedeaters had just been found at Father McNaboe Park. We wen't too far away and headed over. We checked the spot the other group had White-collared Seedeater with no luck, then checked along the river again. Dipped again, this was getting old.

We headed to our last stop of the day, Lake Casa Blanca State Park. I had hoped to get some other gulls since the gulls seem to roost here when he landfill closes. I did locate a Herring Gull but nothing else.

Vermilion Flycacher at La Bota Ranch Park, Laredo, TX
Vermilion Flycacher at
La Bota Ranch Park, Laredo, TX
Scanning the far side of the lake I did find an Anhinga for year bird 269. We kept looking for a Western Grebe that was supposed to be there but no luck.

We packed up to leave and on the way out of the gate I noted a large group of black birds. We stopped to check it out and found Bronzed Cowbird for year bird 269.

We wrapped up the day with 104 species, but alas White-collared Seedeater will have to wait for another day.

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