Sunday, April 12, 2015

Making Hay

Saturday's reports form High Island and Sabine Woods were the best of the season. I decided I had to work the warblers while I could and headed out at 6:15 am for High Island. The forecast was for rain, but rain is what I need to down the birds! It was time to make hay while the sun wasn't shining.

My first stop was Hooks woods. At first nothing much was moving. Northern Parula and Hooded Warbler were calling though. As it got a little brighter someone pointed out a worm-eating warbler. A black-And white warble called. Circling the trail I saw a warbler hopping on the ground. Kentucky warbler for year bird 340

Another 15 min at Hooks and nothing new was showing and I decided to check out Boy Scout Woods. It was slow at first but soon a Wood Thrush hopped onto view for Year Bird 341

A Summer Tanager contemplates "Why is
he birding in the rain"
At my favorite spot in in Boy Scout Woods things picked up with Yellow-throated Warbler, Black-and-white Warbler, Summer Tanager and Scarlet Tanager.  A Nashville Warbler made an appearance as Year Bird 342.

Another sweep around the board walk produced Black-throated Green Warbler for Year Bird 343, Eastern Wood-Pewee for Year Bird 344, and Warbling Vireo for Year Bird 345.

After checking online reports I decided it would be worth heading over to Sabine Woods. Its about an hour trip and I arrived right at noon. 

With in 5 minutes I was on Yellow-throated Vireo for Year Bird 346. Moments later a Yellow-breasted Chat called for Year Bird 347. Another 100 feet down the trail I found a Northern Waterthrush for Year Bird 348

Yellow-billed Cuckoo Year Bird 349
Back at the pond a pair of Yellow-billed Cuckoos chased each other for Year Bird 349

Spent a lot of time looking for Cerulean Warble and Swainson's Warbler. I did find Swainson's Thrush for Year Bird 350.

More searching low down turns up an Ovenbird for Year Bird 351. Something larger zipped through the oaks, A Common Nighthawk for Year Bird 352.

This is was my best migrant day so far this spring and I made a up a lot of ground, but there are a bunch to go! Next week is my last weekend of free form birding them its all back to organized birding. Wish me luck.

Odd looking Prothonotary Warbler

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