Monday, April 17, 2017

One Good Tern

On Saturday April 15 three Sooty Terns were located in Rockport, TX. I was busy on Sunday, but left bright and early at 4 am for Rockport. I stopped to gas up at the Buc-ees in Wharton and who should be at the pump next to me but Shepdawg himself. We were of course both headed to the same place.

Sooty Tern Rockport Beach
Sooty Tern
Rockport Beach
I managed to beat ShepDawg by a couple of minutes and we divided up the search for the tern. It was rainy and windy. After about 30 minutes I found it, Sooty Tern for Year Bird 388. Not bad and it wasn't even 8 am yet.

Northern Waterthrush
Headed over to Port Aransas and started at Paradise Pond first. Walking in I heard the flatulent call of a Dickcissel for Year Bird 389.  Close behind it a Cerulean Warbler came down to say good morning for Year Bird 390. A Northern Waterthrush walked at our feet for Year Bird 391.

At the end of the bird walk was a large flock of Indigo Buntings in all their glory. Right in the middle was a Painted Bunting for Year Bird 392.

Blackpoll Warbler
I headed over to the Birding Center to see what was happening there. A Blackpoll Warbler was Year Bird 393. While there at the Birding Center I heard from Arman Moreno a female frigate bird was hanging out at the Aransas Wetlands Park around the corner.

It took but a moment at the Wetlands Park to locate the female Magnificent Frigatebird for Year Bird 394. The place was hoping with shorebirds but no new birds there.

Before I left the island I headed back over to Paradise Pond to see if anything new was showing up. I was getting the impression more birds were showing up at the Birding Center.

Sure enough there were some new birds, first a Tennessee Warbler for Year Bird 395 and then a Warbling Vireo for Year Bird 396.

My route home took me by the Demo Garden and Pond in Rockport. I decided a quick pass through was in order. Not a single warbler was present, but I did find an Olive-sided Flycatcher over the Pond for Year Bird 397.

I called it an early afternoon. I had to make the 190 mile drive home and get some rest, tomorrow was my first Birding Classic event and I had to meet my team at 3 am!

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