Friday, January 6, 2017


Common Look at Offat's Bayou
Galveston, TX
Tony Frank messaged me about 10:45 am today asking if I had seen the report of Red-throated Loon at Offatt's Bayou in Galveston. I hadn't but went looking for it and the pictures looked good. I headed over to pick up Tony and we made it to Offat's Bayou by 12:15 pm. At first we didn't see much in the way of loons, just two Common Loons.

We saw a few more to the south and moved over to the south parking lot and almost immediately found the Red-throated Loon for Year Bird 166. The flock of loons was better than 20 birds and we picked out a Pacific Loon for Year Birds 167.

It was cold, windy and rainy and when it became clear we weren't going to get pictures of the rare loons we got out of the weather and headed for the Texas City Dike. A photo hand been posted yesterday that Tony thought was checking out as a California Gull,

The dike was deserted except for a half dozen even crazier than we were fishermen. We searched the length of the dike with no rare gulls making an appearance.

We headed home to get ready to chase the Amazon Kingfisher Saturday in Laredo!

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