Thursday, January 19, 2017

Week Two

Hermit Thrush at
Cedar Hill Park
Headed out on week two starting on my home turf in Chamber's County. My first stop was Cedar Hill Park on Lake Charlotte. Almost immediately I located three new Year Birds; Brown Thrasher, Gray Catbird, and White-eyed Vireo bringing me to 193. 

After making the loop on the trail a group of Tree Swallows passed over for Year Bird 194. 

I headed down to Anahuac NWR hoping for the Burrowing Owls that's been there all winter. Unfortunately it was sleeping I guess and not visible. Seaside Sparrow eluded me too. 

Onward to the Bolivar Peninsula. Rollover Pass was full of birds, but no new ones. I headed over to Yatch Basin Road. I did find Clapper Rail for Year Bird 195. Seaside Sparrow eluded me again. I checked Tuna Road and Bob's Road. Seaside Sparrow eluded me again.

Anna's Hummingbird
The next day I headed over to John O'Brien's and picked up his Anna's Hummingbird for Year Bird 196.  I decided to head over to Bear Creek Park for another try at the Greater Pewee. On the way I had a Peregrine Falcon fly over the West Loop in the Gallareia for Year Bird 197. I dipped again on the pewee though.

Wednesday I headed back down to the Quintana Jetty since the wind has shifted to the south.

Common Tern Year Bird 200
Conditions were good and I managed Northern Gannet for Year Bird 198 and Black Scoter for Year Bird 199. On the way in I scanned the gull flock and spotted a rare for season Common Tern for Year Bird 200.

On to San Bernard NWR and Bobcat Woods. Immediately I flushed a Barred Owl for Year Bird 201. The Couch's Kingbird that has been there all winter was Year Bird 202. In the woods I found Spotted Towhee, Black-and-white Warbler, Palm Warbler, and Wilson's Warbler for Year Birds.

Bonaparte's Gull
I was on a roll and walked one of the nearby field and walked up a Le Conte's Sparrow for Year Bird 206. On the Moccasin Pond loop a Sora called for Year Bird 207. Then the surprise of the day a Sprague's Pipit flushed from the road for Year Bird 208!

Tomorrow I head for the Rio Grande Valley for the TOS winter meeting, many more good birds await me there!

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